Azafran Wellbeing – Sep – Oct 2017

Publisher: Azafran Innovacion Ltd.

‘Azafran Wellbeing’ is the bi-monthly publication of Azafran Innovacion Ltd., created with the aspiration to appreciate the best of culture & lifestyle. Our magazine is packed with botanical treasures, best food, exotic travel destinations lifestyle and culture. You’ll also find our recommendations on natural health and beauty boosters, based on traditional practices, that will recreate your inner wellbeing and outer radiance. As part of the Azafran community, you can share your knowledge and experience by sharing your own experiences through reviews, pictures and comments. Love a product? Let us know so that others may benefit from your insights and make better buying decisions. When you discover something that opens up your mind, it’s only fair that you share it with others! Azafran Wellbeing provides a place for you to Explore, Enrich & Share.

Tradition and festivities build memories of togetherness. It reminds us who we are, where we came from and about those who came before us. Our festive traditions give us an opportunity to live in the moment, and cherish memories created by our ancestors. They lived close to nature, adopted simple; organic lifestyle.

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