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6 New Core Exercises to Jazz up Your Workout Routine

May 11, 2021

Whenever we think of core workouts, plank exercise comes to mind but aren’t we all bored of having the same exercise routine! Mixing and matching new exercises to our existing workout plan will motivate us to stick to exercising and keep us on our feet, literally.

When starting off with core muscle exercises, it is important to know what the core is and how important it is to engage it and keep it well maintained with exercise.

The Core is a robust central chain link joining the lower and upper body. Whatever the physical activity may be, the core is engaged in the process. If the core is sturdy, any task is easy to pertain to. Indulging in core exercises is crucial due to its countless advantages and how significantly it shapes the physical body.

Improves Posture

Slouching is a cause of weak core muscles. Core strengthening exercises engage all the muscles on the spine which creates better alignment. With better posture comes better breathing, standing up straight makes breathing easier as the airways are cleared up too.

According to the Canyon Ranch, by improving posture you decrease your risk of disc herniation and vertebrae degeneration.

Amplifies Balance

Studies have found that with increased core strength, balance in the body is enhanced as the core is the main catalyst determining balance in the body.

A 2012 Study by Harvard Health Publishing (Harvard Medical School) states that core exercises can lessen your risk of falling.

Diminished Backache

According to studies, with reduced core strength, there is a higher risk of backache and injury due to insufficient spine sustenance. For acute as well as chronic pain, core-engaging workouts are a sure bet to relieve the pain as well as strengthen the spine.

Ease in Everyday Tasks

Any household chores like brooming, mopping, climbing upstairs, carrying things, even standing still or sitting down are simpler and have a reduced risk of injury if the core muscles are resilient. There is an overall better control as well as reduced pain and discomfort.

Enhanced Athletic Abilities

Core stability exercises are a must inclusion of a well-rounded fitness routine. These exercises keep the entire body muscle stretched and engaged which helps with retaining energy and not getting tired quickly. These exercises are vital to keeping your body up and running and especially for sportspersons.

Core stability exercises engage as many muscles as possible in a coordinated format.

Core exercises at home will enhance the strength of your physical body, keep the body engaged from head to toe in the vicinity of your home.

Swimming, biking, yoga are popular options to toughen core muscles but apart from these, there are certain exercises. Here are a few you should try today:

High Boat To Low Boat

An advanced core exercise that can be easily done at home using a yoga mat.

  • Sit on the mat with knees bent and feet flat, arms on the side. Balance your legs up while engaging your core and back flat.
  • Place arms parallel to the floor and lift the upper body to form a V-shape. Hold for 2 inhales and exhales.
  • Lower back while still being raised a few inches off the floor and take a breath. Repeat 4-5 times.

This exercise toughens up the hips, the spine and the abdomen as well as protects the lower back.

Body Saw

An intermediate core workout that engages back and abdomen muscles.

  • Get in plank position using forearms, place toes on towels or gliders and elbows underneath shoulders.
  • While engaging core, back muscles, thighs and calves glide back as much as possible in plank position without bending anything. Repeat the same while gliding ahead.
  • Comply with 2 sets of 5-6 reps.

This exercise boost coordination and balance in the body.

Jack Knife

Another advanced core routine that works the entire core and all the muscles of the body.

  • Lay flat on the ground with arms above the head. Raise upper and lower body while keeping the back flat on the surface and while raised join hands to your feet.
  • In this entire pose, stretch the entire body including toes pointing out, feet, calves, thigh and glutes and arms. Keep core engaged while lowering back down.
  • Repeat 3 sets of 4 reps.

This exercise is great for enhancing stability and accentuating the posture of the body.

Hip Dip

Another intermediate core routine that works back, abdomen muscles, and spine.

  • In forearm plank position, tighten the abdomen, back and quads. Lean hips to the left side to touch the floor and repeat the same on the left side.
  • Keep alternating for 8-10 sets.

This exercise is great for alleviating back pain and strengthening abdominal muscles as well as back.

Panther Shoulder Top

A beginner core routine that works the midsection, arms, back, abdomen muscles, quads and thighs.

  • Get on all fours, engage core and glutes, raise knees above the floor about 1-2 inches and place your right hand on your left shoulder and alternate with your left hand on the right shoulder, facing below.
  • Repeat the same 5-8 times.

This exercise engages the core and promotes balance in the body.

Dead Bug

An intermediate core workout that strengthens the deep core.

  • Lay on the floor with arms extended about to from 90 degrees with the body and legs raise with calves relaxed. Stretch right arm and left leg parallel to the ground and then raise the same above while alternating with the left arm and right leg.
  • Repeat the same exercise 8-10 times.

This exercise toughens up the core in all aspects as well as connects body and mind.

A popular myth that core exercises are good for only reinstating abs is false. These exercises in addition to abs also boost spine health and the muscles around it.

Start your fitness journey towards a healthier core today with these core workouts

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