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5 Fitness Facts that are really Fitness Myths

April 15, 2021

When it comes to losing weight, we may be tempted to try every other diet available on the internet. It can be hard to route through the journey of losing weight healthily with so many myths surrounding diet and fitness.

But fret not, we are here to debunk these myths so you are closer to your goal of a healthier body & mind. Prepare to have your mind blown! (especially by the last one)

MYTH 1: Consuming carbs implies weight gain

You must have surely heard this one before. A lot of articles as well as people will tell you to stop eating carbs if you want to lose weight, which is just plain wrong. Even if you do initially lose weight after dropping carbs out of your diet, it could just be water weight. Dropping carbs entirely out of your diet can limit your weight loss journey.

Carbs produce energy in the body that will help in working out, also support weight loss and high fibre carbs such as nuts, whole grains, berries, etc. help improve your appetite.

To be on the right track, just eat a suitable amount of the right carbs and you’re good to go!

MYTH 2: Consuming fats will make you fat

Food high in fat is high in calories but for this very reason cutting it completely out of your diet may be a bad idea. Let us explain how.

Fats keep you full which fixes the junk food cravings we all struggle with. Healthy fat keeps you sated as well as promotes a healthy mood and metabolism.

A proportionate approach has to be followed with healthy fats like salmon, avocados, whole eggs etc. that are a necessity to be included in your diet for improving all-around health.

 MYTH 3: If you work out, you can eat anything you want

Another bubble bursts, just because you work out doesn’t mean you can get away with anything. What is considered unhealthy remains so, no matter the number of laps you take around the park. The calories always count and especially when it comes to junk or processed food, more often than not has a lasting effect on your body.

Food holds 80% weightage while exercise holds 20% when it comes to losing weight.

Our weight is determined mainly by what we eat, so choose wisely!

 MYTH 4: Strength Training will make you bulky

We all have thought this one, lifting weights would equate to getting bulkier. But what if we told you this isn’t the case always.

In reality, Resistance training promotes metabolism and makes you leaner. It improves endurance, muscle tone, mobility and modifies your body shape.

Time to get on aboard the strength train!

MYTH 5: You can target & lose fat of a specific section of your body

This one has been debunked for a while but so many of us still hopefully wish it could be true. Alas, but it is false!

You cannot choose a particular area where you’d like to reduce your fat. Your body decides which fats to use up first. For example, doing crunches will strengthen your abdomen but not get rid of the fat on the stomach.

Don’t fall for clickbait videos proclaiming “Get abs with this simple workout in 1 week” rather what you can do actually is, have a balanced diet plan and exercise routine comprising of cardio and strength training exercises that will help tone your body.

Finding an appropriate training guide that includes a well-tailored diet plan and a work out chart is your stepping stone to getting the body you deserve and closer to a healthier you.

At least you won’t fall for these myths again!

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